Angels Always Around Us
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Your next step in communicating with your angels and deceased loved ones

A little about me...

    I have always felt God loved me, even as a young child. When I was about eight years old, I was given a print of the Guardian Angel picture to the left. I looked at the picture every day as I grew up and found comfort in it. I would pray and talk to this Angel and God frequently. Even when I was away from the picture, I would envision my Angel with me and confide in her my deepest thoughts, dreams, and fears. She always allowed me to feel God's love and feel that I was being watched over, no matter how difficult my life was at that moment.
     When I was about fifteen, I started having premonitions. I was amazed at not only how accurate they were but how it felt like I was living them while I was having them. My premonitions continued into
my adult life and still continue this day. As an adult, I have had numerous experiences where I have communicated with deceased loved ones, some of whom died before I entered this life.

     I am primarily clairvoyant and clairaudient, although I have experienced clairsentience and claircogniscience. I communicate with the Angels several times a day and believe they help me maintain a sense of peace I could not receive anywhere else. My life purpose is to help people communicate with God, Angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.
                                                                Light and Love,
                                                               Margaret Phillips

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